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  • 影乐酷ID:3000989tv IMDB:tt0085049 编辑
  • 类型:剧情 地区:美国 语言:英语
  • 导演:迈克尔·林赛-霍格/RobertScinto/FrancescaJames/CaseyChilds/JeanDadario-Burke/TimothyR.Langtry/StuartSilver/GigiVanDeckter/AndrewD.Weyman 编剧:DouglasMarland/AgnesNixon
  • 主演:Bill Christopher-Myers/凯莉·拉瑟福德/George Hall/萨布丽娜·卡尔弗/黛比·摩根/Emanuele Secci/凯瑟琳·朵拉·布朗/Alice Liu更多
  • 集数:998 片长:30 分钟 上映:1983-06-26
  • 简介:

    Set in the fictional town of Corinth, the early years of the show revolved around the blue-collar Donovans and the blue-blood Aldens. Major social issues such as incest, alcoholism and post-traumatic stress syndrome of Vietnam vets were covered. But Marland and Nixon left the series after a few years and in spite of ABC bumping down Ryan's Hope to give Loving a choice timeslot, and cast additions of such popular All My Children stars as Debbi Morgan and Jean LeClerc, the ratings remained poor throughout the show's run. Loving suffered from a constant revolving door of writers and producers, leading to questionable story moments such as a heroine's addiction to cough syrup and one character selling his soul to the Devil. Loving celebrated its 10th Anniversary on ABC on June 26, 1993. 

    Long-running characters included Ava, a schemer whose adventures ranged from stuffing a pillow in her dress to simulate pregnancy to being kidnapped at Universal Studios to being menaced by her lover's identical twin, Gilbert. Another longtime favorite was Stacey Donovan who was the only continuously running original cast member left when she was killed via a poisoned powder puff in summer 1995, and Gwyneth Alden, the long-suffering matriarch who never stopped loving her roguish ex Clay or her mentally disturbed children Trisha and Curtis. 

    In early 1995, ABC Daytime planned to cancel the show, and asked new Head Writers James Harmon Brown and Barbara Esensten to find a way to salvage a few components of the series. The writers embarked upon the show's last big storyline, and what many considered one of the show's best storylines, the Corinth serial killer. Stacey, Clay, Curtis, Cabot, Isabelle and Jeremy lost their lives, culminating in the revelation that an insane Gwyn had murdered most of her friends and family in a bid to "make their pain go away." Gwyn then injected herself with poison before the police could take her into custody. Loving characters Steffi, Ally, Alex, Angie, Buck, Jacob, and Tess moved to Soho and began a new series, The City, which would run until March 1997.

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